Author : LC LEE

LC Lee's main genre is Historical Fiction.Stories of people developing wisdom and courage inspired by a love of history.
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Join our monthly featured book series by LC Lee.This month in celebration of Women's History Month the feadured book is:
Deceitful Survival: From a young girl to a strong woman.

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The Courage of Ordinary Women in Extraordinary Times through Historical Fiction Books

Historical fiction is a genre that never fails to fascinate us. It allows us to step back in time and experience different eras and cultures through the eyes of compelling characters. Historical fiction has always been a powerful tool to shed light on the forgotten or overlooked stories of the past. The genre has the unique ability to transport readers to different times and places, immersing them in the lives of people who have long since passed. While historical fiction often portrays well-known figures and events, some of the most captivating stories come from the perspectives of ordinary women living in extraordinary times.
When it comes to historical fiction novels about strong women, the genre becomes even more exciting. These novels bring to life the stories of inspiring women who have challenged societal norms, faced adversity, and left a mark on history. While famous figures and historical events often take center stage, historical fiction also provides a unique opportunity to shine a light on the lives of ordinary people. In particular, women who have often, been overlooked in historical accounts, and historical fiction can offer a valuable perspective on their experiences. Through the eyes of fictional characters, we can witness the courage and resilience of ordinary women in extraordinary times.
Historical fiction can be an escape from reality, a chance to travel to another time and place, and get lost in a story that captures our imagination.
Character Development: Andrée's character development is the heart of the novel. Her transformation from an innocent powerless peasant girl to a strong and resilient woman is what keeps the readers hooked. As she navigates through the dangers of the revolution and the challenges of survival in the wilderness, Andrée learns to trust in her own abilities and judgment. Her faith in God remains an important aspect of her character, but she also learns to rely on herself and her own instincts. Andrée's relationship with René is also a significant part of her journey. Through their love for each other, Andrée discovers a new level of self-awareness and understanding. Their relationship challenges traditional gender roles and expectations, as Andrée is not simply a passive recipient of René's protection and guidance, but an active and equal partner in their survival and escape. Her journey is not easy, and she faces many challenges and obstacles along the way, but her unwavering faith, her desire to survive, and her love for René keep her going.
What could be better than diving into Deceitful Survival: From a young girl to a strong woman, a historical fiction novel that tells the story of a strong and powerful woman who defies expectations and rises above the limitations placed on her by society?

Deceitful Survival: From a young girl to a strong woman. Book Genre: (Literature & Fiction) & (Genre Fiction) & (Historical Fiction)
ISBN-10: 1724005464
ISBN-13: 9781724005465

For those who love a good adventure while learning the true meaning of survival: Follow her journey as she transforms from a young peasant into a strong woman in the face of adversity. Deceitful Survival is about Andrée who—with no other choice—becomes a nun, and is sent on a mission to Haiti, where she finds herself amid a revolution. She escapes to the mountains with a priest named René and eventually falls in love with him. They abandon their positions in the Church and escape to Cuba.
Deceitful Survival is a page-turner that will have you on the edge of your seat.
French-speaking readers will enjoy Une Survie Trompeuse: D'une jeune paysanne ÃÆ'  une grande femme. This edition offers the same captivating story as Deceitful Survival, but in the beautiful French language.

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